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Kindness in the New Year! 12/12/12

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Clair's Freebies: 12/10 Freebie Schedule

Clair's Freebies: 12/10 Freebie Schedule 
    Clair goes to a lot of trouble to do these each day... please when you are finished, let her know that you appreciate her hard work and for doing this everyday?  Be sure to click on the above link to get to ALL the links of the day (and there are many!!)  Yay Clair!

* if you decide to share this on your blog you need to give all the credit to Clair and keep this post as is since it contains all of Clair's hard work and her blog is copyrighted.  Thanks!  :o)

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Advent Calendar: It's not too late to make one and catch up!

Question: When Does Advent 2012 Begin?
The season of Advent, the time of preparation for the coming of Christ at Christmas and the start of the liturgical year in the Roman Catholic Church, begins on a different date each year. When does Advent 2012 begin?
Answer: Advent 2012 begins on the First Sunday in Advent, December 2, 2012.
You can find a full schedule of all the Sundays and all major feasts during Advent 2012 in the Catholic Liturgical Calendar for Advent 2012. And make sure to check out this list of Family Activities and Devotions for Celebrating Advent.

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      ADVENT CALENDARS:  How to make or download or buy one!

SUNDAY is the first day of ADVENT!   What a better way to celebrate than by making an advent calendar of your own.  The one in the top photo is credited on the picture and here is where you can go to  find the directions in making one!  











 Advent: A Savior for All People

 Click on the order button below to download this   4-session Study Through the Bible Study as a  Microsoft Word file. You'll receive a Bible-based guide for personal use or group discussion.
If you like this Bible study course, you might also like Advent: A Savior for all People Church Discipleship Campaign. Get all these Bible studies plus preaching materials, icebreaker & worship tips, and more.


Use this 4-session study to focus on Christ this Christmas. We can learn from Zechariah and Elizabeth how to prepare our hearts to receive all that God has for us. Mary teaches us about the true meaning of Christmas. We learn how to prioritize our Christmas from the shepherds. And Simeon and Anna teach us how to respond to the best gift of all time.
Session One

Be Prepared
Are you ready to receive what God is offering this Christmas?
Luke 1:1–25

We need real time and space markers that remind us of the great events that define our faith. But if our Christmas is to be spiritually successful, we’re going to have to fight for it. And the way to do that is through preparation.
Session Two

The True Spirit of Christmas
Are you where God wants you to be this holiday season?
Luke 1:26–56

The true spirit of Christmas is not the spirit of family bonding or even the spirit of rejoicing. All of those things are well and good, but Mary teaches us that the true spirit of Christmas is a spirit of humility.
Session Three

A Christmas To-Do List
What’s at the top of your list this season?
Luke 1:57–2:21

If we look hard enough, we might find a whole new piece of the Nativity scene that’s been in the closet for years—never unwrapped.
Session Four

The Bad (or Good) News About Jesus
Jesus’ birth was the best thing that could happen to you—or the worst.
Luke 2:22–38

The day after Christmas can be disappointing. Perhaps Mary and Joseph felt similarly after Jesus’ birth. In the days to come they had to face the bad news with the good.
Total number of pages - 38 pages
You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies for use in your local church.
100% GUARANTEE - If you are not completely satisfied with the product you purchase, please e-mail us and we'll provide your next one completely free!

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Christmas Treats Blog Hop! Mine: Cinnabon Christmas Trees

Cinnabon in the Pillsbury can, Red Sprinkes in the Cinnabons, and a freeze fried cranberries in the middle of the Cinnabon, Unbleached coffee filter for the tree skirt, and Jolee's Scrapbooking Supplies (presents on the tree skirt!) and a red and silver bow for the tree topper. When I do this again I will use parchment paper  (which is showing a $1.00 0ff Coupon)for the background! I think the white is better than the foil background.

We are all so addicted to the Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls by Pillsbury.  We usually have 1-2 of their products in our refrig. at all times during the month of December because we never really know when we will want it for breakfast, dessert or have company over and have an easy to prepare dessert for Christmas.

Enjoy the HOP!"

$40 gift card Pear Tree Giveaway ends 12/14

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Life is about sharing those special moments with the people you love the most. Pear Tree Greeting help people capture these moments every day in style and prices you can afford. From invitations, greeting cards, birth announcements and more, Pear Tree Greeting believe in the power of connection that can only be found in that magic moment, that makes us all just a little giddy, like a child on Christmas morning.  
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I'd like to thanks the wonderful bloggers that are helped with this giveaway.Sun Shine and Sippy Cups K is for Kechell, Da Freebies,We Swap and Share, Frugal Fort Wayne Couponing, Lynchburg Coupon Mama,Rude Mom Blog,Things That Make People Go Aww, Rockin Deals 4 You, The ABC kidZ


Avon 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway 2012 ends 12/14

Avon Products by Carolyn: FANS AND BLOGGERS 12 Days of Christmas GIVEAWAY!

               December 3  DAY 1  Product to win is
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December 4 Day 2
12 Days of Christmas Avon Giveaway Day 2. Dec 4. Midnight Green Nail Polish

Dec 5   Day 3
12 Days of Christmas Avon Giveaway Day 3 Dec 5. Avon Violetta Nail Polish

Dec. 6   Day4

Day 4. Dec 6. Avon glazewear clear to wear with smoky eye. Spf 15

Day 5  Dec7  Avon Christmas BLACK  eye liner and brush   (I did not OPEN the eyeliner for this photo, this is a photo from the net already open) and my Eyeliner Brush is a step up and is called The Ergonomic eye liner brush!!

Day 6. Dec 8. Avon's 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. All items are free to the people who fill out the form (rafflecopter) 
2 hand creams (Moisture Therapy) available today. Great purse size! Also a great stocking gift and they are FREE for those who enter the RAFFLECOPTER on

Day 7 Dec 8.   Avon's 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway
All items are free to the people who fill out the form (rafflecopter)
FREE for those who enter the RAFFLECOPTER on