Tuesday, November 5, 2013

From pranking to giving a homeless man a new life!

YouTube Pranksters Behind VitalyzdTv Give Homeless Man New Teeth In Touching 'Extreme Homeless Makeover' (VIDEO)

Watch Martin's tears of joy when the guys tell him he has a dentist appointment scheduled for the next day, and his reaction to the new dentures. 

Though Martin has faced harassment from other homeless people, he says his life has been changed by being featured on Zdorovetskiy's YouTube channel. He attributes his new job, his appearance and even getting back together with his wife to the strength thousands of viewers have helped him find. 

Now employed, Martin makes triple what he did on the street, and reminds us to have faith that it is possible to overcome all weaknesses. 

     I can't tell you how many times I am writing to a person I have met on FaceBook and they will tell me that they don't watch the World News, or the news at all because everything that they watch is BAD.  Well it is my goal to continue to bring out the good stories because only in seeing these things will people begin to believe in good things can happen to every day people like themselves.  But the GIVING has got to begin in YOU!

Shirley (my Mother In Law) with a new shirt for Mother's Day!

    Every year we donate to our local rescue mission.  We do so a number of times a year.  Sometimes (like on Friday of this week) we will take the clothes that I no longer wear or this year it will be that my Mother In Law left behind (when she passed away on Feb. 15, 2013) to the facet of the rescue mission for the women and children who live there in their building. 

   Saturday (11/9/13) would have been my Mother in Law's 91st birthday if she were still here and it will be very hard to face this first one without her.  Seventeen years of the best birthdays (not counting the year she knew she was going to have her cancer surgery on Dec. 24, 2009) with her.  We always made a major celebration of this day with however many people we could get together with her.  Please pray/send positive thoughts to my husband and I this year. 

Are there ways that you celebrate those who have passed on in your life on their birthdays?  And in our story here we learned of pranksters who did something really wonderful for a homeless man.  Do you have any thoughts after reading/watching that story?  I would love to read them here on comments or on my fan group on FaceBook at:  https://www.facebook.com/Chattingwithcarolyn anywhere on the topics or in private in my MESSAGES there.   Thank you so very much!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Practicing Random Acts of Kindness

This past week was a rough week, well when you think about it... it's been a rough month.  Some of my friends are still out of work, some have no place to live in a couple of weeks (FaceBook friends) because they don't know where there next check is coming from, my community has sent me three letters in the last weeks asking for money for one cause or another in time for Thanksgiving, I've had so much stress in my life that my body is shutting down and just refusing to go on without more sleep, I've been running my husband hard doing projects around the house that I want done before it starts raining (yes, God, I do believe you will send us some rain that we need here in Southern California!).  

Just this week there was a fatal shooting at the LAX.  More children were reported hurt by family members, more children were doing horrible things to other people, our society is crying out that it's not going to take it anymore.  We need love, peace, the rich reaching out to the poor .... everyday and not just at Thanksgiving.  And not just to "those people" (stated by an unnamed celebrity) referring to the homeless and how he dishes out Thanksgiving meals to "those people."

I have four active blogs and this one and one other seems to get the least of my attention and so that is going to change this month and they are going to see the most!

I'm directing my fan group on FB to read this blog and the other one that is my dog's blog to read more and interact by commenting.  We're all working towards a kinder society beginning with ourself! 

I ask you to do one thing...  SMILE.   It may be the hardest thing for you to do right now if you're like me.  But do it!  And make it matter.  Smile at someone.  It doesn't cost anything and is a random act of kindness! 

Thank you!