Sunday, September 22, 2013

Would you do the same for someone else?

I just love seeing these examples of Random Acts of Kindness!  Doesn't it make you wish you had the money to do something like this? 

Well guess what!?  You don't need MONEY to do a Random Act of Kindness and you can start RIGHT NOW!  

I bought this book the first time so that I could help my husband who was always asking me for ideas of how he can help me with my fibromyalgia and degerative discs and depression.  He read through the book twice.  And then I gave it away online in a giveaway. 

Realizing that I missed the book and wanted a copy for our home for ideas on how to help anyone (including Random Acts of Kindness) I bought the book again for us to learn how to do random acts of kindness at home (first) because I thought it would be an easier place to start and should start.  But you know what?  There's no place that you "should" do it.  So if you can begin where you feel most comfortable, then please do.

So, if I can get 10 thoughtful replies to this blog entry,  I am going to again have another GIVEAWAY of this book.  You can also purchase the book for yourself at: 

 and the kindle version is LESS than $5.00

When commenting, please tell me IF you would be interested in joining my Book Club on FaceBook and reading this book and sharing together about it.  Thank you!