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Sherrie Cruson!  She liked the page AND wrote a comment on this blog article.  YAYAYAYAY!

Welcome to the Christmas Cookie Recipe Blog Hop & Giveaway!! 

15 bloggers have come together to bring you some great recipes and some awesome prizes. It's a cookie exchange party - online style!

Below you will find my recipe, along with an (entry/rafflecopter) form for you to enter to win (see photo below of the DOVE Cookie Cutter and Recipe), then using the linky provided at the end of this post, hop from blog to blog and collect all the other great recipes and enter to win more great prizes.

(Tip: Create a folder and name it "Cookie Recipes". Then simply right click on the recipe cards on each of our blogs to save each recipe to this folder. Then, when you are ready to bake, you will have a wonderful recipe collection in which to choose from. Also, be sure to check our facebook pages periodically throughout the giveaway, as some of us will be sharing recipes directly from Hershey's.)

AND that's not all!!! 2 lucky Grand Prize Winners will receive the following prize pack, perfect for hosting your very own cookie exchange party, sponsored by Hershey's:
1 apron
16 bakery boxes to give to exchange participants for keeping recipes

16 sets of recipe cards

3 bags of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Kisses

2 pouches of Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie mix
1 pouch of Betty Crocker Peanut Butter Cookie mix
1 can of Hershey’s Cocoa Powder

So enter my giveaway below, then head over to Mommy's Money Saving Madness! to enter to win this awesome prize pack.

The DOVE represents PEACE.   Because it is the symbol of the Holy Spirt and in the story of Noah's Ark noah let a dove out of the ark to see if the waters supsided and it brought back an olive branch. The Dove is one animal in the world that doesn't kill for food and is fully submissive, even when attacked by other animals, it doesn't retalliate.

The use of the dove as a symbol of peace predates any Christian usage. The dove was a symbol of peace and long life to the ancient Chinese. The ancient Egyptians held the dove to symbolize quiet innocence. These two examples and a number of other references across a number of other cultures all go further back than the use by Christians.

A case could be made for the voice of the dove being the manner after which this easy-going little avian made its way into the hearts of the ancient peoples who came to love it. And it may be part of the reason we look kindly at the dove today.  

<rafflecopter may be located at "READ MORE">   You must do BOTH mandatory steps to enter or you cannot win the prize and you must give a mailing address in the United States in order to win!  :o)


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  1. What does the DOVE represent to you? The Dove represents the Holy Spirit and is a symbol of peace.

    If you win this Dove cookie cutter and original recipe what will you do with it?

    I would use it to make cookies for Christmas so I can share the meaning with my grandchildren.

  2. Well right away I think of the dove that Noah sent out to find dry land in the bible after the great flood.

  3. i love dove chocolates, I will start backing cookies for my kids

  4. I think of peace when I think of the dove. It means there is hope for peace or a prayer/or request for peace.

    I would use the dove cookie cutter to make cookies with my daughter.

  5. A dove represents peace.

  6. A dove to mean represents purity and peace.

    I would make cookies with my family

  7. If I won I would make cookies with my granddaughter. A dove represents peace.

  8. The Dove is a symbol of peace for me. Its the hope and prayer for calm.

    If I won I would make the cookies.

  9. When I think of a Dove I think of piece. I would make some cookies with my nieces.

  10. I think they would make cute cookies for a wedding!
    To me when I see a dove I think love.

  11. A dove means peace and love, I would love to add this cutter to our collection.

  12. The Dove represents peace to me. I would use the cookie cutter to make dough ornaments for our tree!

  13. peace and serenity. i'd make cookies for my daughter and let her decorate them


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