Friday, December 9, 2011

Karma Bloggers and their fans: The GREAT Christmas Bowl Giveaway!

KARMA BLOGGERS (and your fans if you wish) This is your Giveaway! There are TWO books available.  Thank you for following the Secret Angel's direction here to see what giveaway is waiting for you.  Here's a little bit about the author. You may share this link on your fan pages if you'd like to invite your fans to be in on the giveaway or you don't need to either.  It's up to you!

The Great Christmas Bowl is by Susan May Warren (a former missionary to Russia, the mother of four children and the wife of a guy who wooed her onto the back of his motorcycle for the adventure of a lifetime.  The award-winning author of over twenty books, Susan love to write and teach writing.  She speaks at women's events around the country about God's amazing grace in our lives.  Susan is active in her church and small community and makes her home on the north shore of Minnesota, where her husband runs a hotel. 

Karma Bloggers is a fantastic blogger's group.  If you would like to join the group, then please write to Carolyn M. at and write Karma Bloggers? (with the ? mark) in the subject. And it goes without saying that you must be a blogger to join the group and have a blog already set up.  Please don't join JUST to get the books.  Because you need to be prepared to know that when you join this group, you will be expected to do a CHORE (easy things to do to increase your readership and the readership of other bloggers on the group).  They are many options of chores to be done and don't worry, the admin of the group is there to help you get on the right path.  Thank you! 

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